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Who Plays Dylan in I Woke Up a Vampire? Name & Biodata

I Woke Up a Vampire is an Interesting Series on Netflix. Dylan is the lead actor in I Woke Up a Vampire cast. He is a Blended Kids hunter and Carmie’s new neighbor and friend. Let’s dig in to know about the actor who plays Dylan in I Woke Up a Vampire, his real name, and complete biodata.

Who Plays Dylan in I Woke Up a Vampire

Real Name & Age

Actor Zebastin Borjeau portrayed the character of Dylan in the series. He is only 15 years old. He is also Canadian.

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Actor Details

Zebastin Borjeau aka Dylan has a very attractive personality and dashing looks. He has played his role with perfection. Series fans loved his amazing acting.

Dylan is a hunter who tracks down blended kids. But he comes to know about Madison and Carmie, he refuses to hunt them as he is their friend. He also realized that blended kids are being handed over to the Shapeshift in order to form a force to attack human beings.

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