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Who Plays Carmie in I Wokpe Up a Vampire? Actress Details

Carmie is the lead character in the series I Woke Up a Vampire. Carmie is a blended kid, half human and half vampire. Her character is very intriguing and cute. Let’s have a look at the actress who plays Carmie in the Series I Woke Up a Vampire, her real name, age, nationality, and other details.

Carmie in I Wokpe Up a Vampire

Real Name & Age

Actress Kaileen Angelic Chang Portrayed the character of Carmie in this series. She is 16 years old. She has Canadian nationality. Kaileen was also part of the series Back in Time.

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Actress Details

Kaileen Chang aka Carmie is a brilliant, young, and emerging actress. She has performed her character excellently. The series I Woke Up a Vampire is admired worldwide. It has been in top trend on Netflix for many days. Series fans loved her amazing acting and charming character.

Carmie is a teenage girl who has fangs when she wakes up on her 13th birthday. She lives with her adoptive parents with two siblings. Later on, she gets to know that her real father is a human who also has fangs. Although she is unaware of the fact that her real mother is a vampire, a Shapeshifter.

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