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Who is Madison in I Woke Up a Vampire? Actress Biodata

I Woke Up a Vampire is an interesting teen series. Madison is also a blended kid like Carmie in the I Woke Up a Vampire cast. She is a new girl in Carmie’s school and they become friends. Here we have details about the I Woke Up a Vampire cast Madison real name, age, and actress biodata.

Madison in I Woke Up a Vampire Cast

Real Name & Age

Actress Aaliyah Cinello portrayed the character of Madison in the series. She is 16 years old. She has Canadian Nationality.

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Actress Details

Aaliyah Cinello aka Madison is a new student in this series who joins Carmie’s school. They become good friends in a short period of time. Madison has claws like wolves and fangs like vampires. She reveals her identity in front of Carmie and Dylan.

Aaliyah Cinello was also part of the Netflix series Kim’s Convenience. She has a charming personality and gorgeous looks. Her acting in I Woke Up a Vampire was just amazing.

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