Turkish Drama In Urdu

The Revenge Turkish Drama Cast Real Name & Story

The revenge is a Turkish drama dubbed in the Urdu language in 2021. The revenge is an interesting drama with many twists and curiosities in the story. Let’s have a look at the Urdu Dubbed Turkish drama The Revenge Complete cast real name and pics.

The Revenge Turkish Drama Cast Real Name

Here is the name of complete cast of Urdu Dubbed Turkish drama The Revenge:

Seckin Ozdemir (Azlan)
Hande Dogandemir (Laila)
Funda Eryigit (Zainab)
Alican Yucesoy (Sinan)
Hazar Motan (Handay)
Ozgur Cevik (Kareem)
Su Dura (Huriya)
Gozde Duru (Pinar)
Kemal Ucar (Zaki)
Ecem Ozkaya (Aysel)

The Revenge Turkish Name

The Turkish name of Urdu dubbed drama The Revenge is “Can Kiriklari” and its English name is “Broken Lives”.

Drama Story

The story of the Turkish drama The Revenge revolves around two friends Zainab and Laila. The story starts with the murder of Pinar at Sinan’s house and Azlan (Seckin Ozdemir) is investigating the case and adds her friend Zainab to the Investigation team. New police officer Laila also joins the team.

the revenge turkish drama cast real name

It turns out that Zainab and Laila were good friends during their college days. Sinan meets them by chance and then falls in love with Laila. She also loves him and they decide to get married. Both get married and Zainab does not attend their wedding ceremony because she is not in favor of this wedding.

Right after the wedding, Laila comes to know that Sinan is already married. She decides to leave him but Sinan becomes mad in anger and throws her into a deep river. Sinan thinks she’s dead. On other hand, Zainab is trapped and rapped by Sinan’s friend, his brother-in-law.

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the revenge turkish drama cast real name

After many years Sinan is back in Zainab and Laila’s life with this new case. Sinan is involved in illegal activities and Inspector Azlan want to catch him red-handed this time. During this investigation, Zainab loses control of her emotions and kills her rapist. Laila reaches in time and helps her to vanish the dead body and all prove. Zainab is married to Kareem and was living happily before the re-entry of Sinan’s family in her life.

In the end, after a thorough investigation by Police, Aysel, Sinan’s wife is found as the murderer of Pinar. Sinan also gets caught for her illegal activities.

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