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Zalim Istanbul Turkish Drama Cast Real Name & Story

Zalim Istanbul is a famous romantic Turkish drama aired in the Turkish language in 2019. This drama is dubbed in Urdu/Hindi language in 2021 and aired on Urdu 1. The Drama story is full of emotions, entertainment, and romance. This drama is also translated into the English language with the title Ruthless City. The talented cast of this drama makes this serial more interesting. Let’s have a look at the full cast of the Turkish drama Zalim Istanbul and details about its story.

Zalim Istanbul Turkish Drama Cast

Zalim Istanbul Turkish Drama Cast

Sera Kutlubey as Jemray
Bahar Sahin as Kiran
Deniz Ugur as Seher Yilmaz
Ozan Dolunay as Jan Karachay
Berker Guven as Nedeem Karachay
Simay Barlas as Raima Karachay
Idris Nebi as Rehan Yilmaz
Fikret Kuskan as Agha Karachay
Mine Tugay as Shahnaz Karachay
Aysen Sezerel as Neriman Yilmaz
Gamza Demirbilek as Noreen
Melih Koklu as Melih
Senol Sahin as Senol

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You can watch the drama serial Zalim Istanbul Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 PM.

Zalim Istanbul Drama Story

Zalim Istanbul’s drama story revolves around the life of the lower-middle-class family and the rich family. Seher is living in a small town with her 2 daughters (Jemre and Kiran) and son Jehan. Agha is a rich man, who lives in Istanbul with his family and disabled nephew Nadeem. Agha arranged the marriage of Nadeem with Kiran and the story take a new turn. When Kiran meets Nadeem she refused to get marry him. Jemre helps Nadeem in his treatment and changed his life with her love and care.  

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