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Public reaction on Farishta New Song by Tahir Shah

The latest song by Tahir Shah “Farishta” is finally released and the Public is not much happy this time. Tahir Shah released his new song titled “Farishta” but many people just considered it an Urdu version of his previous viral song “Angel”. People shared their opinion on social media. According to some, Farishta by Tahir Shah must be played in the streets during the lockdown, people will definitely stay at home to avoid this song.

“Farishta” song went viral on social media and it was trending everywhere. Not only Pakistani but people across the border also reacted to this song. This song received an extremely funny response. Some people suggested their governments play this song in the streets, so people can stay at home. Due to the Coronavirus world facing a crisis, some considered this song another disaster of 2020.

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Animated Video of the song Farishta is also trolled on social media. The video featured a little boy, a unicorn, and a fairy. Some trollers said that due to the Coronavirus lockdown, air pollution has reduced, and now fairies and unicorns can be seen. Some compared the Farishta song by Tahir Shah to a cure for Coronavirus and some declared it more deadly than Coronavirus.

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Few trollers compared the little boy in an animated video of the song to Tahir Shah and some compared it to Tahir Shah’s son. Some objected to Tahir Shah for not appearing in the video. In the previous song Angel, Tahir Shah appeared as the main character Angel wearing a robe and his wife and son were also featured in the last part of the song. That song also went viral on social media and left everyone speechless. This time people were expecting something different from Tahir Shah but the song seems to almost expect video animations and conversion in Urdu.

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