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Tahir Shah New Song 2020 is Trending on Internet

Tahir Shah announced to release of his new song in 2020. Initially, Tahir Shah announced 14th March for the release of his new song. But Tahir Shah did not release his song on 14th March 2020 and changed the release date to 3rd April 2020. But due to some issues, he could not release the song on the 3rd of April and changed the release date to the 10th of April. Finally, Tahir Shah released his new song “Farishta” on 10th April 2020 and again Tahir shah was trending all over the internet. “Farishta” song by Tahir Shah is trending on YouTube. People are spending more time on the internet due to Coronavirus Lockdown and Tahir Shah getting massive attention on social media after releasing a new version of his old Angel song. Some made funny jokes and some just watched Tahir Shah New Song 2020 to reduce their boredom.

tahir shah new song 2020
tahir shah new song 2020

The new song by Tahir Shah is based on “Innocent Love Story” of a Boy and Fairy in some kind of Wonderland. Tahir Shah shared the first look of his song on twitter. He shared an image of a red heart and shared the release date of 14 March 2020. But due to lockdown, he could not release his song and postponed the release date.

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tahir shah new song 2020

Tahir Shah has already two famous songs, Eye-to-Eye, and Mankind Angel. His song Mankind Angel went viral on Internet right after its release. Some people liked his song but the majority turned it into a meme. “Mankind Angel” was one of the most viral songs of 2016. It was roasted by many YouTubers. Extremely funny memes were made and this song amused many people even across the border in India.

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After Mankind Angle, Tahir Shah took a very long break, and now in 2020, he’s back with a new song Farishta. People are in their houses due to Coronavirus and Tahir Shah’s new song has made memer excited again. No one exactly knows whether they like or dislike the song, but one thing everyone is sure about is its perfect meme material. Many Hilarious memes are made about Tahir Shah’s new song. Tahir Shah is trending on Pakistani social media of Pakistan.

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