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Hilarious Memes about Tahir Shah Song Farishta

Tahir Shah has released his new song Farishta on 10th April 2020. Like Tahir Shah’s song Angel, Farishta also went viral on social media right after its release. As usual, people found new songs amusing and funny. Extremely funny memes about the Tahir Shah song Farishta are circulating on social media. Some considered this song a cure for corona and some declared it another disaster after Coronavirus.

Tahir Shah’s new song Farishta video is the focus of all trollers. Animated videos of Farishta songs have featured a kid, his unicorn, and the love of his life a fairy. Childish animated videos of Tahir Shah Song Farishta are converted into memes that can make you laugh out loud. The kid in the animated video is considered Tahir shah’s son.

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People were expecting something more from Tahir Shah. But Tahir Shah produced this song which is not much different from his previous song Angel. This time not only Tahir Shah is being trolled but the unknown person who created the animated video of his song is also trolled. Tahir Shah delayed the release of his song 3 times and finally, he released his song on 10th April. As soon as the song was released, social media users were ready to make it fun.

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In 2016, Tahir Shah released his song “Angel” featuring him as an angel. That song went viral and more than thousands of memes were made on that song. Even to date, people make memes about his song angel. But now Tahir Shah has finally given everyone some new meme stuff with his song Farishta. Within one day it’s trending on YouTube but receiving a hilarious response in the comment section. Although people don’t like his song still everyone listens and remembers his legendary songs to get some funny meme stuff.

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