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Pehli Muhabbat Turkish Drama Cast Real Name & Story

Pehli Muhabbat is a famous Turkish drama, dubbed in Urdu/Hindi. Pehli Muhabbat drama Turkish name is “Merhamet”, which was released in 2013 in the Turkish language. Late on, this serial was dubbed in English with the name “The Mercy”. Pehli Muhabbat Turkish drama cast is very talented, let’s have a look at their real names.   

Pehli Muhabbat Turkish Drama Cast

Pehli Muhabbat Turkish Drama Cast

Ozgu Namal  (Narin)
Ibrahim Celikkol  (Firat Kazan)
Mustafa Ustundag  (Sermet Karayel)
Burcin Terzioglu  (Deniz)
Ahmet Rifat  (Atif)
Yasemin Allen  (Imrana)
Dilara Aksuyek  (Syeda)
Erkan Kolcak   (Mehmat)
Bora Kocak  (Ali)
Kivanc Kasabali  (Sinan)

M. Cagatay Tosun


Mahinur Ergun

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Pehli Muhabbat Turkish Drama Story

Pehli Muhabbat Turkish drama story is full of excitement. The story revolves around the life of a young girl named Narin. Narin is a successful lawyer and lives in a big city with her friends. Her childhood was full of problems due to her abusive family. Firat is a childhood friend of Narin, she meets him after 10 years and didn’t recognize him. Deniz is Narin’s friend, who helped her to change her life and fight with problems with courage.

Pehli Muhabbat Turkish Drama Cast

Imrana is the younger sister of Deniz, who is a spoiled girl and doesn’t like Narin and creates problems in her life. When Narin and Firat recognize each other and their love story starts. Imrana also likes Firat and never bear Narin with him. Drama’s story revolves around the strong character of Narin.

Narin is a hard-working girl, who gets success in her life due to her passion for the job. She belongs to a poor family and never told anyone about her past. Deniz knows everything about her and helped her in all difficult phases of her life.

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