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Is Seo Yi Kyung Dead or Alive in Sweet Home Season 2?

Sweet Home Season 2 story is full of suspense, action, and thrill. All the characters are very interesting. The character Seo Yi Kyung grabbed the attention of viewers with her best acting. She was also part of Season 1 and also played the more exciting character in Season 2. The series’s viewers want to know what happened to the character Seo Yi Kyung, Is she dead or alive in Sweet Home Season 2?

Seo Yi Kyung Dead or Alive in Sweet Home 2?

She is an expert firefighter, and in the first season, she tries to find out what happened to her fiance. In the second season, she becomes the mother of a beautiful teenage daughter. Her daughter also has unique abilities and can talk to monsters. Her daughter looks like a human but can infect other humans.

Seo Yi Kyung Dead or Alive in Sweet Home Season 2

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Hyun-su raised her daughter and Yi Kyung met her daughter after a long time. Seo Yi Kyung wants to love her daughter but is afraid because she is also a monster. Her daughter Ah-yi burned the room where they lived and Seo Yi Kyung was stuck in the room. Yi-Kyung dies and her body turns into a monster and feels so much emotional pain. In the end, Hyun-su killed her to relieve her pain.

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