Is Lee Do Hyun Alive in Sweet Home Season 2? Eun Hyuk in Season 2

Lee Do Hyun is a stunning Korean actor. Lee Do Hyun aka Eun Hyuk is alive in Sweet Home Season 2 or not is a mystery. The character of Eun Hyuk got popular in the first season of Sweet Home. Let’s have a look at the details of Lee Do Hyun’s character Eun Hyuk in Sweet Home 2.

Is Lee Do Hyun Alive in Sweet Home Season 2?

A Glimpse of Lee Do Hyun aka Eun Hyuk was shown at the end of Sweet Home Season 2 episode 8. Lee Do Hyun would come back to life in Sweet Home Season 3. As at the end of season 2 Eun Hyuk (Lee Do Hyun) is reborn and fans are quite excited to see him in the next season.

At the end of Sweet Home Season 1, Lee Eun Hyun dies and fans were quite sad for him. The audience was expecting to see him in season 2. But the story had a lot of twists and thrills. The story of season 2ended on an open end for season 3 including Lee Do Hyun in the cast again.

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In Season 2 of Sweet Home, many new characters are included in the cast. Jinyoung is one of the most prominent members added to the cast. Many other young members like Kim Shi-Ah are also part of season 2 and 3 cast. Series fans loved the new season and now want season 3 to be released soon.

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