Who is Seo Yi Kyung’s Daughter in Sweet Home Season 2?

Seo Yi Kyung is an intriguing character in Sweet Home. In season 2 of Sweet Home Seo Yi Kyung’s daughter is also part of the series story. Series fans are quite curious to know who is Yi Kyung’s Daughter in Sweet Home, actress name, age, and character details.

Yi Kyung’s Daughter in Sweet Home Season 2

Ah Yi is Seo Yi Kyung’s daughter in the Netflix series Sweet Home Season 2. Yi Kyung was pregnant at the end of Season 1. In season 2, She gave birth to her daughter but abandoned her because she was a monster. But then Hyun Su brings her daughter back to her.

who is seo yi kyung daughter in sweet home season 2

Actress Kim Si-a aka Shi-Ah portrayed the role of Seo Yi Kyung’s daughter Ah Yi in the series. The growth of Seo Yi Kyung’s daughter is very rapid and she grows into a teenage girl in just one year.

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Yu Kyung’s daughter is a unique monster who has many special abilities. Yi Kyung finds her fiance, Ah-Yi’s father in the series season 2 who is in a miserable situation in the laboratory. Due to inherited monster genes from her father, Yi Kyung’s daughter is a hybrid monster who has turned people into monsters and also talks to monsters.

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