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Who is Sang Wook in Sweet Home Season 2? Age & Biodata

All the characters of Sweet Home Season 2 are very interesting. The series’s viewers are curious to know about the character Pyeon Sang-Wook. Sang Wook is a contract killer in the series and he has a scar on his face. Many years ago, his home was burned with fire, while his father was inside. He punished the evil with evil. Get more details about who plays Sang Wook in Sweet Home Season 2. Actors real name, age, and other biodata.

Who is Sang Wook in Sweet Home Season 2?

Real Name & Age

The character of Park Sang Wook is played by famous Korean actor Lee Jin Wook. He is 42 years old. He became part of the Korean entertainment industry in 2000 and played the lead roles in many hit dramas.

Who is Sang Wook in Sweet Home Season 2

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Biodata & Top Dramas

The recent famous series of Lee Jin Wook was Doona and his upcoming series is Squid Game Season 2. He has a huge fan following due to his charming personality and incredible acting skills. His other popular dramas are “The Time We Were not in Love” and “Welcome to Wedding Hall”. He won many awards for his best acting skills.

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