Turkish Drama In Urdu

Zemheri Turkish Drama Cast Name, Story & Total Episodes

Zemheri is Turkish Drama aired in Turkey in 2020 and dubbed Urdu/Hindi in 2021. Now Turkish dramas are very popular in Pakistan and India and viewers love to watch Turkish dramas in Urdu/Hindi. The drama story is full of emotions and romance. Read about Zemheri Turkish Drama Cast Name and story.

Zemheri Turkish Drama Cast

Zemheri Turkish Drama Cast Name

Alperen Duymaz as Ayaz
Ayce Aysin Turan as Firuze
Caner Cindoruk as Ertan
Emir Cubukcu as Faruk
Hazal Filiz as Berrak
Zerrin Tekindor as Aliye
Sebnem Don mez as Mehwish
Aleyna Ozgezen as Elvan
Nihal G. Koldas as Safiye
Mufit Kayacan as Yasir

Director/Producer: Hilal Saral/Karem Catay

Total Episodes: 10

Zemheri Shooting Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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Zemheri Turkish Drama Story

Zemheri drama story is full of emotions, romance, and entertainment. The drama story revolves around the life of a young girl named “Firuze”. Firuze’s father is the culprit of an elevator accident that killed more than thirteen workers. Ayaz blamed Firuze’s father for the accident and Firuze help her father to fight this difficult situation. With the passage of time, Ayaz and Firuze understand the reality of incident and they fall in love with each other. Ayaz left Firuze due to her mother.

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