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Who Plays Corey in Fool Me Once Series? Actor Biodata

Corey is a cool hacker and informer in the series Fool Me Once. Series fans are curious to know about the actor who plays the role of hacker Corey in the Netflix series Fool Me Once. Let’s dig in to know the details about actor real name, age, biodata, and character details.

Who Plays Corey in Fool Me Once Series?

Actor Name

Laurie Kynaston has portrayed the role of Corey in Fool Me Once. He is 29 years old. He is from Wales.

who plays corey in the fool me once series cast actor details

Character & Actor Details

Laurie Kynaston has performed the character of Corey perfectly. His acting was stunning in the series. He has been part of many TV series and movies. He appeared in the main role in the recent TV series The Doll Factory.

Corey is a very smart hacker and informer who leaks news about famous people after a trough investigation. Although, he only publishes the truth via his website.

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Maya meets Corey after the death of her sister Claire because Corey met her sister Claire before her death. Corey tells Maya that Claire knows the truth about Andrew and Joe was also on her side. At the End of the series, Corey works with Detective Sami and Maya to reveal the truth.

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