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Who Plays Abby in Fool Me Once Series? Actress Details

Fool Me Once Netflix series is released. Abby Walker, a teenage girl is an interesting character in the series. Series fans are curious to know about Abby. Let’s have a look at who plays Abby in the Fool Me Once series, actress name, age, and other details.

Who Plays Abby in the Fool Me Once Series?

Actress Real Name & Age

Danya Griver has portrayed the role of Abby in the Fool Me Once 2024 Netflix Series. She is 17 years old British actress.

Actress & Character Details

Danya Griver has performed the character of Abby brilliantly. She has impressed the series audience with her brilliant performance in the series. She was also part of the main cast of the recent TV series Malory Towers.

Abby Walker is Claire’s daughter who was Maya’s sister. After the death of her mother Claire, Abby along with her brother Daniel Walker aka Dan finds some old pictures of her mother. She and Dan come to know that they have another brother.

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Abby and Daniel decide to find out about his brother. They find the ex-boyfriend of their mother and after meeting him they come to know she was in a relationship with him just for a few months. Eventually, Abby and Daniel find their brother Lou and their father also knows the truth.

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