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Who is Killer in Fool Me Once Series? Ending Explained

The story Fool Me Once starts with the Murder of Maya’s husband Joe. Maya is still in grief about her husband’s death when she finds his husband visiting her daughter in the hidden camera footage. The investigation of Joe’s Murder starts to find the real killer. Here we have details about who is the real killer of Joe and Claire in the 2024 Netflix series Fool Me Once.

Who is the Killer in Fool Me Once Series?

The mystery of the real killer of Joe is resolved in the last episode of the series. Maya is the killer of her husband Joe. She killed Joe in the Park and pretended that some motorcyclist killed him. Maya kills her husband Joe because Joe killed her sister Claire.

who is the killer in fool me once series cast villian

When Maya comes to know about the truth she decides to confront him. But initially, Joe denies the facts. When he has no other choice except to accept the truth he tries to pull a pistol on Maya. So, Joe is died. The man in the hidden camera footage was not Joe. He was Luca and he did so using some technology on orders of Joe’s mother.

Joe kills Maya’s sister Claire when she comes to know that Joe killed Andrew on the ship and then threw him in the water. Then Joe and his others stated that Andrew jumped into the water and it was suicide.

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What Happens at the End in Fool Me Once?

Maya tells the truth to Joe’s mother who already knows everything except that Maya killed Joe. She tries to make a deal with Maya. In the end, she kills Maya but everything is recorded in the hidden camera and the world sees them doing so in the live streaming. Detective Sami and Corey were also part of Maya’s plan in this but she dies at the end. Clarie’s father takes care of Lilly and Detective Sami is blessed with a daughter whom he names Lilly.

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