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Who Killed Mr. Hans in Once Upon a Crime? Ending Explained

Once Upon a Crime is a 2023 Japanese Netflix movie released in September 2023. The movie’s lead roles are performed by most talenetd Japanese actors. The movie story revolves around the mystery of the murder of a hairdresser. Let’s have a look at Who killed Mr. Hans in the Netflix movie Once Upon a Crime and Ending Explanation.

Who is the Killer in Once Upon a Crime?

The story of the movie Once Upon a Crime is the perfect combination of suspense and mystery. Mr. Hans is a king’s favorite hair stylist. Hans has a weird obsession with cutting beautiful hair. He was murdered and no one knows who is the killer. The murder of Mr. Hans is resolved by Detective Little Red Riding Hood. She finds Margot in the woods, and she confesses to killing Mr. Hans. Margot is the evil stepsister of Cinderella.

But Margot is not a real killer. Margot moved the body of Mr. Hans to the road to show the murder case as a road accident. In fact, Cinderella killed Mr. Hans, because he offered Cinderella to make her most beautiful girl and tried to forcefully cut her hair. In retaliation, Cinderella murdered Mr. Hans.

Who Killed Mr. Hans in Once Upon a Crime

Once Upon a Crime Ending Explained

Remi was the long-lost love of the prince. Mr. Hans tried to forcefully cut the hair of Remi and during this process, he left a deep scar on Remi’s Cheek. She decided to disappear due to her looks. She thought beauty was necessary to continue her relationship with Prince.

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When Prince knows the actual story, he resumes his relationship with Remi and starts a happy new life. The Little Red Riding Hood continues her journey.

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