Love Strikes Back Chinese Drama Cast Name with Photos

Loves Strikes Back is a 2023 romantic Chinese drama. The drama story is full of romance, action, and suspense. The lead roles are performed by talented Chinese actors. The drama tells the story of a rich girl and her handsome bodyguard. The other title of Love Strikes Back is Romantic. Let’s have a look at the Love Strikes Back 2023 Chinese drama cast real name, age, pictures, and story details.

Genres: Romance, Action
Channel: Youku, YouTube
Language: Chinese
Duration: 10 minutes (Episode)
Total Episodes: 22

Release Date

The release date of the Chinese 2023 drama Love Strikes Back is from September 15, 2023, to September 23, 2023.

Where to Watch Love Strikes Back

You can watch the Love Strikes Back on YouTube with English Subtitles.


2023 Chinese drama Love Strikes Back (Romantic) is directed by Guo Yanan.

Love Strikes Back Chinese Drama Cast

Love Strikes Back Chinese Drama Cast

Guo Jia Nan as Xiao Mo – 25 years old
Yang Xue Er as Lin Yan – 29 years old
Deng Jing Hong as Ma Chengjun
Wang Jia Li as Wen Lili

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Love Strikes Back Drama Story

The story of the Chinese drama Love Strikes Back revolves around a young rich girl named Lin Yan. Her fiance Chengjun and her friend Lili have a hidden relationship and they cheat on her. When Lin Yan found out about their actual relationship, she left her fiance Chengjun. Due to an incident, she fell into a vegetative state. When she recovers she plans to take revenge. She hires a bodyguard named Xiao Mo, who helps her to fight with her enemies.

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