Who Plays Ah-Yi in Sweet Home Season 2? Actress Biodata

Ah-Yi, Yi Kyung’s daughter is a new character in the Sweet Home Season 2. Ah Yi is a hybrid monster in Sweet Home with many special and unique abilities. Let’s have a look at who plays Ah-Yi in Sweet Home Season 2, actress real name, age, and character details.

Who Plays Ah-Yi in Sweet Home Season 2?

Actress Real Name

Korean teenage actress Kim Shi Ah aka Si-a has appeared as Ah Yi in Sweet Hom Season 2.

Ah Yi Actress & Character Details

Kim Si-a aka Ah-Yi is Seo Yi Kyung’s daughter who was born in season 2 of the series. Ah-Yi is a special monster who can make people monsters and also has the power to talk to monsters. She looks like a human and grows very rapidly into a teenage girl.

Yu Kyung abandoned her daughter after birth because of her monstrous powers. But when she comes to know her daughter looks like a normal human being, she brings her back. Although, Ah-Yi looks like a normal person but has powers due to her father.

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Actress Kim Shi-Ah is a rising star in the Korean entertainment industry. She has been part of many famous Korean dramas. See You in My 19th Life is her recent super hit Korean drama on Netflix. She started working as a child actress. She is not only super cute and good looking but she is also amazingly talented.

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