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Who is Remi in Once Upon a Crime Japanese Movie?

Remi is an important character in the Netflix 2023 movie Once Upon a Crime. She is a long-lost love of the prince. The movie story is very exciting and viewers want to know who is Once Upon a Crime movie cast Remi and what is her real name and age. Let’s have a look at the real name and biodata of the beautiful character Remi.

Real Name & Age

Mizuki Yamamoto performed the role of Remi in the Japanese 2023 Netflix movie Once Upon a Crime. She is a talenetd and beautiful actress. Her age is 32 years old.

Remi in Once Upon a Crime

Mizuki Yamamoto Biodata

She started her acting career in 2019 and performed in many hit movies and TV dramas. In 2020, the actress got married to actor Koji Seto. Her recent famous movies are Immersion and The Fable. She is one of highest highest-paid Japanese actresses and models.

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Remi in Once Upon a Crime
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