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Who is Pellegrini in Lupin Cast? Actor Name, Age & Details

Lupin is a thriller Netflix series based on the story of a thief Assane. Pellegrini is the main villain in the life of Assane Diop in the series Lupin. Due to Pellegrini Assane’s life is turned upside down. Let’s have a look at who played Pellegrini in the Lupin cast, actor name, age, and character details.

Who plays Pellegrini in Lupin Cast?

Actor Name

French Actor Herve Pierre portrayed the character of Hubert Pellegrini. He is 68 years old. Actress Clotilde appeared as Juliette Pellegrini, Hubert’s daughter in the series Lupin. She is 44 years old French actress. Actress Nicole Garcia performed the role of Anne Pelegrini, Huber’s wife and Juliette’s mother in Series Lupin.

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Pellegrini in Lupin Details

Pellegrini is the main culprit behind Assane Diop’s father’s death. Assane’s father works as a driver for Pellegrini. When Pellegrini’s company is about to sink, he makes a plan to get the insurance amount of the necklace.

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Pellegrini hides the necklace and blames Assane’s father who is arrested by police. Assane’s father is sentenced to prison for many years. Then Pellegrini plans Assane’s father’s murder.

Herve Pierre, Actress Clotilde, and Nicole Garcia are part of the Lupin season 3 cast as the main members of the Pellegrini family. In season 3 of Lupin, the Pellegrini family has a guest appearance.

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