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Who is Luffy in One Piece Live Action? Actor Name & Detail

Monkey D Luffy is the main character of One Piece. Series Fans wanted to know about the actor name and details who performed Luffy in the One Piece Live Action Netflix Series. Let’s dig into the details of actor who played Luffy in the One Piece Live Action 2023 series.

Who is Luffy in One Piece Live Action?

Actor Name

Actor Inaki Godoy played Monkey D Luffy in the One Piece Netflix 2023 Series.

Luffy Actor Details

Inkai Godoy is a Mexican actor. He is just 20 years old. He has already appeared in a few movies in supporting and lead roles. Inkai appeared in the 2022 Sci-Fi movie The Imperfects.


Inkai Godoy has just performed the role of Luffy brilliantly. Series fans just loved his acting and admired him. He has put some much hard work into playing the brilliant character. Luffy an optimist, with a lean but elastic body, made Inkai the perfect choice for the role. His cute looks, amazing energy, and brilliant performance have made the series more interesting.

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Inkai Goday aka Luffy along with other crew members made One Piece Netflix Series a huge success. The series was in the top trends in many countries after its release.

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