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Who plays Koby in One Piece Netflix Series? Actor Details

Koby is an innocent character in One Piece. Series fans are curious to know about the actor who played Koby in the One Piece Netflix Series. Here we have actor name and complete details of who played Koby in the One Piece Live Action Netflix Series.

Who Plays Koby in One Piece Live Action Netflix Series?

Actor Full Name

Morgan Davies is the name of the actor who played Koby in One Piece Live Action.

Koby Actor Details

Morgan Davies aka Koby has been part of the showbiz industry from a very young age. He is an Australian actor. He is a transgender. Morgan started his career as a child actress. But in 2020, he announced that he is transgender.

His name was Morgana Davies initially. But he has also changed his name after he discovered his true gender identity.

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Morgan Davies’s acting as Koby is just amazing. He totally justified the character of Coby. Koby is a righteous but innocent boy whose dream is to become a Marine and help needy people. His expression, looks and acting of Morgan were just amazing. Fans are in love with his brilliant performance.

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