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Who is Sanji in One Piece Live Action? Actor Name & Detail

Sanji is a cool, composed, and intelligent character in One Piece. Fans are excited to know the details of the actor who plays Sanji in the One Live Action Netflix 2023 series. Let’s have a look at actor name and details of who plays Sanji in One Piece Live Action.

Who is Sanji in One Piece Live Action?

Actor Name

Taz Skylar is the name of the actor who played Sanji in One Piece Netflix 2023 series.

Sanji Actor Details

Taz Skylar is a Spanish and British actor. He is 27 years old He has appeared in a few short films and movies. Taz is not only a good actor but also a good writer. His mother is British and his father is Spanish of Arab descent.

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who is sanji in one piece live action netlfix series actor name pics

Taz Skylar as Sanji has just performed his character brilliantly. His body language looks, and acting as Sanji is just amazing. His long blonde hair and cool personality are loved by everyone. One Piece fans are just in love with the brilliant acting of Taz. The addition of Sanji to the Straw Hat Pirate gang provides them with a brilliant cook with dashing looks.

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