Who is Eun Mo Rae in Castaway Diva Kdrama? Actress Details

Castaway Diva Kdrama is appreciated by the audience worldwide. Eun Mo Rae is an interesting character in the Kdrama Castaway Diva. Mo Rae is a famous singer in the Castaway Diva. Drama fans are curious to know about her character and actress details. Let’s have a look at who is Eun Mo Rae in the Castaway Diva, actress real name, and character details.

Who is Eun Mo Rae in Castaway Diva Kdrama?

Real Name

Korean actress Bae Gang Hee portrayed the character of Eun Mo Rae in the drama. Morae is a famous K-pop singer in the Kdrama Castaway Diva.

Actress & Character Details

Bae Gang Hee is 25 years 25-year-old emerging Korean actress. She is a talented actress and appeared in many famous Kdramas. She played supporting in the famous Netflix Korean series The Glory. Kdrama fans loved her brilliant performance in drama as singer Eun Mo Rae.

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Eun Mo Rae is a top singer at RJ Entertainment in the drama. She made her debut with the help of Yoon Ran Joo but eventually replaced her. Morae is a very proud and arrogant singer who does not behave well. Mok Hae gives her a tough competition which her brilliant performance.

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