Castaway Diva Jung Ki Ho – Who is He Now & What Happened to Him?

The story of Jung Ki Ho in the Korean drama castaway Diva is extremely intriguing. Curiosity related to the character of Jung Ki Ho, where and who is KiHo made the drama story more interesting. In Episode 6, the mystery of What happened to Jung Ki Ho is finally resolved. Let’s have a look at the details of the true identity of Jung KiHo in Kdrama Castaway Diva.

Castaway Diva Jung Ki Ho

Who is He Now?

In Episode 6 of the drama, finally, it has been revealed that Jung Ki Ho is Kang Bo Gul who is helping Mok Ha with his brother Kang Woo Hak. Kiho changed his name to Kang Bo Gul to protect himself and his family from his father who is still searching for him.

What Happened to Jung Ki Ho in Castaway Diva?

In the flashbacks from the past, the mystery linked to what happened to Jung Ki Ho is revealed. Kiho (Bo Gul) and Woo Hak’s father is Jeong Bong Won. When Bong Won attacked Ki Ho with a chair, Woo Hak saved himself and he got injured badly. Due to that incident, he lost his memory.

Bo Gul tells everything to Woo Hak when he reaches Bong Won’s house and finds a family picture there. Woo Hak asks Bo Gul that they should report their father to the Police and tell Mok Ha about their reality. But Bo Gul stops him from doing so in order to keep his family together and safe.

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Now, a new suspense in the story of Castaway Diva has started with the revelation of the true identity of Kiho. This new twist has made the drama story more exciting. Ki Ho and his family adopted the identity of a missing family.

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