Who is Chief Ji in Sweet Home Season 2? Actress Details

Chief Ji is a new character in the story of Sweet Home Season 2. Chief Ji helps the people in Staudim along with Sergant Tak and wins everyone’s trust. Let’s have a look at who plays Chief Ji role in Sweet Home, actress real name, age, and character details.

Who is Chief Ji in Sweet Home Season 2?

Actress Name

Korean actress Kim Shin Rok has portrayed the role of Chief Ji in the series. She is 42 years old brilliant South Korean actress.

Actress & Character Details

Chief Ji is a savior for the people in the basement of the stadium. She wins everyone’s trust and everybody is loyal to her.

Chief Ji Husband in Sweet Home

Chief Ji blames Eun-Yu for the death of her husband. But Chief Ji’s husband turned into a monster and Eun Yu. To save Eun Yu’s life, Hyun-Su killed Chief Ji’s husband. Although Chief Ji was aware of the fact about her husband she blamed Eun-Yu for her husband’s death.

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Chief Ji Daughter

Ye-Sul is the daughter of Chief Ji in Sweet Home. Korean actress Yang Hye Ji has performed the role of Ye Sul, Chief Ji’s daughter in Sweet Home.

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