Who is Ui Myeong in Sweet Home Season 2? Character Details

The character of Ui Myeong is a monster in Sweet Home. Series fans are curious who is Ui Myeong actually in the Sweet Home Season 2 cast. A twist related to Ui Myeong was unfolded at the end of the series. Here we have details about the character of Ui Myeong and what happens to him in Season 2.

Who is Ui Myeong in Sweet Home Season 2?

In Season 2, monster Ui Myeong is using the body of Sang Wook, who died at the end of Season 1. At the end of episode 8, Sang Wook tells Dr Lim that he is his dear friend Nam Sang Woo whom he used for his first lab test. First Ui Myeong was in the body of Nam Sang Woo, Yi Kyung’s fiance in season 1. But then he gets into the body of Sang Wook to escape from the lab in season 2.

Yi Kyung’s fiance who volunteered for the lab test lost his life in the trials. Ui Myeong used his body. Yi Kyung comes to know about the reality that her fiance died and Ui Myeong is in the body of Sang Wook.

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A fight between Ui Myeong and Dr Lim happened at the end of the series. He comes to kill Dr Lim in his laboratory. Then, he breaks the big Lab Jar with the body of Nam Sang Woo, a friend of Dr Lim whom he used for his tests in the lab. More twists will be unfolded in season 3 of Sweet Home which is coming in 2024

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