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Shehroz Sabzwair Told Reason of Syra & Shahroz Separation

On Sunday 29 December 2019, news of Syra and Shahroz became viral on the social media in Pakistan. Everyone was talking about the separation of famous Celebrity couple Syra Shehroz and Shehroz Sabzwair divorce news. This news was trending on Pakistani Social media.

People were blaming the top Pakistani Model Sadaf Kanwal for Syra and Shehroz Divorce.

syra and shehroz divorce

On 30 December 2019, Shehroz Sabzwair talked about all rumors and trending news about his Separation. In a video message on his social media account, Shehroz Sabzwari clarified the difference between separation and divorce. According to Shehroz Sabzwair, 6 months ago, Syra and Shahroz separated due to some differences in their ideologies. Due to some differences in their point of view about particular things, they mutually decided to separate for a couple of months to make a better decision for their future. Their daughter Nooreh Shehroz still lives with both and they both love their daughter equally.

syra and shehroz separation

In the video message, Shehroz also talked about the rumor of his alleged affair with Top Pakistani model Sadaf Kanwal. According to Shehroz Sabwair, Sadaf Kanwal and Shehroz Sabzwari are just colleagues and they met just one month ago due to professional work. Shehroz said if he had danced with some girl then it does not mean that they are in a relationship. Everything is just an assumption made by people. Shehroz and Sadaf danced together at the IPPA award 2019. Video and images of that clip became viral due to Sadaf and Shehroz’s alleged affair. Pakistani model Sadaf Kanwal also denied all rumors about her alleged affair with Shehroz. Sadaf said, “I and Shehroz are just friends and nothing more”.

syra and shehroz separation

Shehroz Sabzwari requested everyone to stop gossiping about his personal matter and stop dragging someone’s daughter “Sadaf” in this matter. Shehroz said, “Sadaf is someone’s respect as Syra is my respect because she is still my wife.” He said all people who are spreading this fake news about Sadaf and Shehroz to apologize. He also said no one has the right to talk about their personal matter without their consent. He and Syra have not talked about this matter and neither their family members did. So, no one has the right to talk about their personal life without confirmation from them.

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So, this was all about Syra and Shehroz separation clarification by Shehroz Sabzwairi. Everyone loves Syra and Shehroz’s couple and wants to see this lovely family together again.

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