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Iqra Aziz Walima Pics, Iqra Valima Dress Designer Details

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain walima Ceremony took place on 30 December 2019. Iqra and Yasir were looking very happy. Iqra Aziz is one of the top Pakistani Drama actresses. She is not only popular in Pakistan but is also very popular in India. Iqra Aziz wedding was a very exciting event for her fans in Pakistan and across the border. Here we have Iqra Aziz Walima pics for her fans.

Iqra Aziz Walima Pics

Beautiful Walima Pics of Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain, have a look.

iqra aziz walima pics
iqra aziz walima pics

Iqra Aziz wore light golden and of white heavily embellished long maxi. Her walima day dress was also very beautiful as Iqra Aziz Wedding dress was. Iqra Aziz walima day dress was by Safad Kanwal Bridle wear. Sadaf Kanwal is the wife of top Pakistan Film and drama actor Fawad Khan.  Iqra was looking very gorgeous in her beautiful walima outfit. Lehnga Hania Amir wore on the Iqra Aziz Mehndi ceremony was also by Sadaf Kanwal Bridle wear. Both outfits by Sadaf Kanwal was amazing. Iqra Aziz walima makeup was by Nabila’s Salon.

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iqra aziz walima pics
iqra aziz walima pics

Yasir Hussain wore off-white Kutra pajama with a light gold vasket. Iqra and Yasir were looking very happy on their Walima day. The bride and groom entered walima venue holding each other’s hand. Top Pakistani Producer Wajaht Rouf attended Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain wedding ceremony with family.

Iqra Aziz’s Sister also wore off-white kurta and tight pajama. Yasir Hussain’s sister wore black sarree. On walima Ceremony, only close relatives of Iqra and Yasir were invited. Their walima ceremony was quite simple.

iqra aziz walima pics

Yasir Hussain talked about his wedding style in a post on social media. He said that I and Iqra tried to minimize the expenses of the wedding as much as we can. We arranged all the functions of our wedding at our home expects Nikkah due to a large number of guests. He also talked about the dowry and Barri rituals. According to Yasir, we have not exchanged expensive gifts at our wedding and not followed the ritual of dowry. According to Yasir Hussain, their wedding ceremony was as simple as they could keep it. Yasir also advised others not to waster so much money on the expensive wedding traditions.

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