Reham Khan WON case against Dunya News in the UK

Reham Khan has won the case against Dunya News for the allegations made against her.

In June 2018, in a Dunya News talk show ‘On the front with Kamran Shahid’ current Pakistan Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed, talked about the book Reham khan wrote against Prime Minister Imran Khan just before elections. Sheikh Rasheed said that Reham Khan has taken money from Shahbaz Shareef for writing a book against Prime Minister Imran Khan. He also declared Reham Khan a woman with very bad moral values than a prostitute.

Reham Khan’s action against allegations

Reham Khan sued Dunya News on these allegations against her in a UK court. She claimed that her book is not funded by any minister and all allegations against her are meaningless.

Case Result – Reham Khan’s Victory

On 12 November 2019, Reham Khan posted a video on YouTube and tweeted on Twitter with that video. She said that she has won the case against Dunya News. Dunya News could prove the allegations made against her in the TV show. She added that Dunya Tv has apologized to her for the allegation they made against her and the channel has paid her the fees for all her expenses on this case.

Reham Khan said: She has been falsely defamed by some news channel for political benefits and sake of popularity purpose only. But after all the long legal battle, she has proved her innocence.

Reham khan’s Book

In July 2018, Reham Khan published her book named Reham Khan. In that book, she wrote about many controversial topics especially related to her marriage to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. She published her book a few days before the election and some politicians declared it propaganda against Imran Khan by his rival parties.

Reham Khan is continuously part of media attention since she married PM Imran Khan and their disputes which resulted in divorce.

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