Hamza Ali Abbasi LEFT Showbiz? Conversion from Atheism to Islam!

Hamza Ali Abbasi is a well-known Pakistani Drama and Film actor, producer, and director. He has played a lead role in many famous Pakistani drama serials including Alif, Man Mayal, and film main Shahid, war, and the upcoming movie, legends of Moula Jutt. Recently Hamza posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he made a very important announcement. Hamza Ali Abbasi left showbiz and will talk about religion now!

Let’s see what Hamza said in his latest announcement.

Turned to Atheism in Teenage

Hamza Ali Abbasi said when he was a teenage boy she used to question death, god, and everything happening in the universe. But he never got a satisfactory answer and this leads him toward atheism. He became an atheist in his teenage. Then he went to London, and studied science. Science converted him back to Islam.

Hamza Ali Abbasi left showbiz

How Hamza Realized Reality of Life

Then Hamza Ali Abbasi talked about death, the biggest reality of life and we never talk about it instead it’s a taboo in our society. Then the Day of Judgment every person has to face.

The reality of life, death, and the Day of Judgement was realized through a very painful process.

Hamza Ali Abbasi left showbiz

How he changed the purpose of his Life

Hamza Ali Abbasi said first he liked to be an actor but then he realized that one day will die and then no one will remember him. He said that he has decided to spend his life with two basic purposes.

1. Server Human beings and do charity as much as he can because it’s the duty of every Muslim.

2. Spend his life by following the commandments of Allah Almighty.

 Why Hamza Ali Abbasi left showbiz

Hamza Ali Abbasi said he has decided to leave showbiz. He does not think drama, film and the showbiz work is haram. Instead, it is very hard to find a reasonable script that does not feature any unreasonable content. Instead, he will talk about Allah Almighty and religion now.

Hamza Ali Abbasi left showbiz

Hamza is not joining Politics

Hamza said many people think he will join politics but this is not true. Because the politics demands you to be a liar and not fulfill your promises which is against Allah Almighty’s orders.

What Hamza Ali Abbasi is going to do now?

Hamza said will leave showbiz completely. Now he will talk about religion. As he is an ex-atheist. So, he can tell the people about the teaching of religion and share his experience. He will talk about many concepts that no one talks about, but there is a need to talk about these topics.

Hamza Ali Abbasi left showbiz

Hamza Ali Abbasi said he is very thankful to all the fans and followers and he got so much love from all his acts from Main Shahid Afridi, war to Legends of Mola Jutt and Alif. He said the only reason to act in Alf was the message Alif is delivering, the message to turn to Allah before you return to Allah.

Hamza said he will use the medium of Film and drama to spread the message of Religion as well. He will not act but will produce.

so, this was all about why Hamza Ali Abbasi left showbiz! COMMENT below and let us know what do you think?

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