Punjab Budget 2022-23 Salary & Pension Increase of Govt Employees

Budget 2022-23 for the province of Punjab was to be presented on 14th July. An increase in salary and pension in Punjab Budget 2022-23 for Govt employees is expected more than federal. Due to some issues, Punjab Budget 2022-23 was delayed. Here we have Punjab Budget 2022-23 details about govt employees salaries and pension increase.

Punjab Budget 2022-23 Salary & Pension Increase

 Pakistan Budget 2022-23 was presented on the 10th of July 2022. Federal Government announced a 15% increase in salary and a 5% increase in pension of govt employees. But in Punjab Budget 2022-23 an extra 15%, in total 30% increase in salary increase is approved. An extra 15% is provided as a form of allowance. This increment would be for employees till grade 19.

In Punjab Budget 2022-23, 5% from federal and an additional 5% in total 10% increase in pension is approved. The budget is expected to be in presented in a day a two. Due to a fight in the Punjab Assembly Budget presentation was delayed.

In Budget 2022-23, the inflation rate has increased in Pakistan. The public is not happy with the ongoing extreme inflation of basic needs products. The government claimed to provide relief but people are still not satisfied.  

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