Hamza Ali Abbasi Under Fire For Latest Tweet

Hamza Ali Abbasi is a former Pakistani actor and director. Hamza Ali Abbasi latest tweet is under fire, people criticized his recent opinion on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. The public advised him to read the Quran and try to understand the true meanings and don’t follow the contradictory beliefs of scholars. According to his fans needs to understand the Quran and Sunna from correct sources and then share his views on social media platforms. His fans urged him to follow the right path. He has a huge fan following on Twitter and Instagram but his followers are not happy with his recent religious statement.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Recent Religious Tweet

Social Media Users urged the former actor Hamza Ali Abbasi to remove his statement because it hurts their religious sentiments and advise him to follow the right scholar.

Hamza Ali Abbasi latest Tweet

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