Public Reaction on Army Chief Bajwa Extension suspended by Supreme Court

On Tuesday 26 November 2019, the notice of Army Chief Bajwa Extension was suspended by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Three-member bench including Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Khosa was hearing the petition filed against General Bajwa’s appointment for more than three years due to the regional security situation in Pakistan. Chief Justice Khosa said, “The only president can extend the Army Chief’s tenure then why after President Arif Alvi’s sign PM Imran Khan has signed the notice of extension”.

Chief Justice Khosa also said, “To deal with regional security reasons is the responsibility of the Army as an institution, not a single army officer”.

Army Chief General Bajwa was to retire on 29 November 2019. On 19 August PM Imran approved the notice of General Bajwa’s extension.

Pakistani People are very shocked by the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. General Bajwa’s is one of the strongest Army Chiefs and during his tenure, Pakistan’s security situation improved. Pakistani People are very satisfied and all the time appreciated General Bajwa.

Many people said they are in shock because just three days before General Bajwa’s retirement this decision has been made.

Some people were even not believing that it happened in reality. The public gave a divided sort of reaction on this news. The majority of people were supporting General Bajwa. Some were supporting the Supreme Court’s decision.

The news of the Pakistani Army Chief Bajwa Extension being suspended by the Supreme Court is in top trends of Social media in Pakistan. Everyone is just talking about this decision, chief of army staff General Bajwa, Supreme Court Chief Justice Khosa, and the Pak Army.

Supreme Court has suspended the decision until tomorrow Wednesday 27 November 2019. Supreme Court has issued a notice to the defense Ministry, Chief of Army Staff General Bajwa, PM Imran Khan, and President Arif Alvi for the next hearing.

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