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Public reaction after Maria B Husband released from Jail before 24 Hours

Recently, a video of famous brand owner Maria B went viral on social media. In the video, Maria B was crying and appealing to Prime Minister Imran Khan to release his Husband who was arrested by Punjab Police. Maria B Husband Tahir Saeed was arrested for sending his coronavirus-positive cook to his village on public transport. Last night, on 25th March before 24 hours Maria B’s husband was released from jail. Maria B posted another video on social media after his husband was released from jail. In the recent video Maria B and her Husband Tahir Saeed explained the whole story and thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan.

After the recent video of Maria B, social media users of Pakistan started questioning the judicial system of Pakistan. People are surprised why Maria B Husband was released from jail within 24 hours. Maria B thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan in a recent video and many people have objections. People are criticizing the government for releasing Tahir Saeed from Jail. This news is viral and trending on Pakistani social media along with coronavirus in Pakistan.

Maria B Husband arrested for Allegation of spreading Coronavirus in Pakistan

After Maria B Husband was released from jail, in a video message they explained the whole situation. According to them, their cook traveled back to their home from the village of Vehari. After a week, he had a fever. After the test from chughtai lab, her coronavirus infection was confirmed. Then he wished to go back to his home because he was in a stable condition. According to Tahir Saeed, his cook traveled to Vehari in a private car with his brother. But after a few days, the Punjab Health department contacted them to know the contact number of their cook. Their cook was tracked in Vehari and examined in DHQ Vehari. He was in a completely stable condition. But after a day, Tahir Saeed was arrested. According to Maria B, this is propaganda against them. She thanked PM Imran Khan and the Pakistan army for their cooperation.

Sana Safinaz Owner Coronavirus Infection Rumors are Completely Wrong

After listening to the whole story of Maria B, the Public is still and satisfied. People are considering them irresponsible because they did not inform the Government health department and instead allowed him to go home. Many journalists and vloggers are also against Maria B on this act. Maria B and her husband tried to explain their point to the video but instead, they criticized social media.

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