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Maria B Husband arrested for Allegation of spreading Coronavirus in Pakistan

Maria Butt is the owner of famous Pakistan clothing brand Maria B. Recently, a video of Maria B got viral on social media. In the video, she was crying because Punjab police have arrested his husband. According to Maria B, on 23rd March 2020, police raided her house late at night and arrested his husband because of an FIR filed against him. Maria B husband was arrested and according to Maria’s behavior of police very harsh.

maria b husband arrested

According to some sources, an FIR was lodged against the Husband of Maria B due to allegation of spreading Coronavirus in the country. Cook of Maria B was tested positive for Coronavirus. Instead of sending it to the hospital or in quarantine, the couple sent him to his village on public transport. According to the Pakistan government, all patients of COVID-19 should be kept in quarantine or hospital to stop the spread of the deadly viruses.

Maira B shared a video on her social media account and she was very upset due to the behavior of Punjab Police. Maira B said her husband was arrested by police and the behavior of the police was like they are some kind of drug dealers. Maria was very angry with the PTI government and Punjab Police. Maria blamed the police system and claimed that it is completely unfair to them.

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maria b husband arrested

In the video, Maria B appealed to prime minister Pakistan Imran Khan to take notice of this issue. She said, “In the middle of the night police raided our house. Arrested my husband without a lawyer. The police did not wait for our lawyer to come. I tried to contact many people but it was very late so, I couldn’t contact anyone. It is completely unfair to treat respected citizens in this way. Is this our system! Punjab Police treated my husband in a very brutal way.”

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