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Sana Safinaz Owner Coronavirus Infection Rumors are Completely Wrong

Coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan has affected hundreds of people and the number is still increasing day by day. Pakistan is under lockdown in order to stop coronavirus outbreak countrywide. A few days back, news about Sana Safinaz owner Sana Hashwani Coronavirus test reports was shared on social media. But, recently the owner of Sana Hashmi Coronavirus test report has been shared on Sana Safinaz official social media page. The coronavirus test report of Sana Hashmi and her family members is negative.

According to rumors, Owner of Clothing brand Sana Safinaz, Sana Hashwani, and her kids are tested positive for coronavirus. A long story of the reason for infection was also shared on social media. Sana Hashwani has recently returned from the United Kingdom. As a precaution, Sana Hashwani kept herself in isolation and testes for COVID-19. Her Coronavirus test report is negative and she is still in isolation.

sana safinaz owner coronavirus
sana safinaz owner coronavirus

Funny coronavirus Memes to overcome the Panic situation

On the official social media page of Sana Safinaz, the Coronavirus test report of Sana Hashwani was shared, which clearly states that her Corona test is negative. A message was shared with the public to stop spreading fake news about anyone on the sensitive issue of coronavirus. Pakistani people are still not taking coronavirus seriously. Coronavirus can affect anyone. It is our moral duty as a nation to support each other in difficult times instead of spreading fake news.

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