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Nazli Turkish Drama Cast Name and Story

Nazli is a romantic Turkish drama which a very interesting story. The Turkish name of the drama Nazli is “Seven Ne Yapmaz”. Here we have Turkish drama Nazli cast real name and story.

Nazli Turkish Drama Cast Real Name

Turkish Drama Nazli complete cast real name:

Seren Sirince (Nazli)
Yusuf Kim (Ozan Ekinsoy)
Aslihan Malbora (Zainab)
Leyla Kader Ilhan (Alia)
Ferzan Hekimoglu (Seema)
Feriha Ecem Calik (Arzo)
Serhat Paril (Mehmet)
Ulas Albayrak (Serkan, Ozan’s friend)
Sertan Erkacan (Rajab)
Deniz Gundogdu (Noor)
Alper Baytekin (Ismat)
Emre Bulut (Hikmat)
Seyla Halis (Fatima Amma)


Drama serial Nazli has been directed by Selale Baskici, Metin Balekoglu and Bora Onur.


Turkish drama Nazli has been written by Funda Alp, Soysal Demir, Banu Uzpeder and Selcan Ozgur.

Nazli Turkish Drama Story

The story of Turkish drama Nazli revolves around the life of a simple girl Nazli who lives in a village. Ozan Ekinsoy is a rich and careless guy who lives in the city with his family. Ozan’s father sends him to the village as a punishment to live with his aunt Fatima. Nazli’s father left her mother when she was very young and married another lady in the city. Nazli hates her father and lives with Fatima Amma.

Ozan meets Nazli at Fatima Amma’s home and he falls in love with her at first sight. Ozan wants to express his love for Nazli but Nazli is not ready for it. She does not like him and has any feelings for him. A guy Rajab who lives in the same village likes Nazli and wants to marry her. But Nazli is not interesting in Rajab.

Nazli Turkish Drama cast name

One Day Ozan goes to Nazli’s room to express his love and then Rajab’s mother sees them together. She spreads the news in the whole village. Fatima Ama scolds Nazli and Ozan for what they have done. Ozan says he loves Nazli and she also loves her. Fatima Ama asks Ozan to marry Nazli and take her with him when he’ll go back to the city. Ozan is not ready to marry all of sudden but he has no other option left.

Ozan and Nazli get married in the village. On their wedding night, Ozan’s mother calls and asks him to come back immediately. Because Ozan’s father is missing and their financial condition has become very poor. Ozan leaves Nazli in the village without telling anything and goes to the city. Nazli waits for Ozan the whole night and in the morning she comes to knew that he has left without telling anything to anyone.

Nazli Turkish Drama cast name

Nazli becomes very sad and she spends many months waiting for Ozan. But Ozan does not return. Then finally Nazli decides to go to the city and take revenge from Ozan. Nazli goes to the city and finds Ozan at his friends’ café. She fights with Ozan and even wants to kill but she could not do so because she loves him.

Nazli got arrested by Police for having a gun without a license and then Nazli’s sister Arzo comes to save her. Arzo tells Nazli that her father has sent her to help and take revenge from Ozan. Arzo is the step-sister of Nazli. Initially, Nazli does not agree to take help from her father but as she has no other, so, she agrees.

Then Nazli and Arzo make plans to take Nazli’s revenge from Ozan. Gradually, Nazli realizes that Ozan loves her and he left her just due to some problems. Nazli and Ozan unite again in the end.

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