Dulhan Hum TV Drama Cast – Story – OST – Timings

Dulhan is a Hum TV drama serial with an outstanding cast. Sumbul Iqbal and Sami Khan have paired up for drama Dulhan. Drama’s story is based on a tragic incident that happens to a girl and changes her life completely. The drama is full of emotions and excitement. Amazing cast of Hum Tv drama Dulhan makes this serial more interesting. Let’s dig in to know about the brilliant cast and interesting story of Hum Tv drama serial Dulhan.

Dulhan Hum TV drama cast

Dulhan Hum TV Drama Cast

Sami Khan (Meekal)
Sumbul Iqbal (Amal)
Mashal Khan (Ainni)
Faizan Khawaja (Shahmeer)
Michelle Mumtaz (Zubi)
Nida Mumtaz (Amal’s mother)
Shehyar Zaydi
Farah Nadir
Syed Muhammad Ahmed (Amal’s Father)
Shaheen Khan
Hina Shahid
Laiba Imran (Noshaba)


Dulhan drama is written by Adeel Raza.


Dulhan Hum TV drama is directed by Adeel Sidque.

Dulhan Drama Hum TV Timings

You can watch Drama serial Dulhan from 28th September every Monday at 8:00 pm only on HUM.

Dulhan Drama Hum TV Story

Dulhan Drama is a tragic incident that happens to a girl Amal (Sumbal Iqbal) and she struggles a lot due to that incident. Amal belongs to a middle-class family and lives with her father, stepmother, and stepsister. She is a University student and also does a part-time job in a boutique.

Meekal (Sami Khan) fells in Love with Amal at first sight and somehow convinces his father to marry her. On wedding night Amal comes to know that Meekal traped her just because of a bet with his friend Shahmeer (Faizan Khawaja). Meekal never loved Amal and he’s already engaged to Mashal Khan.

Dulhan Drama Cast name

Shahmeer offered Amal to be her girlfriend but she refused. When Amal denies accepting his cheap offers, he holds her hand and tries to threaten her. Amal slaps him in front of the whole University and this was the reason, he uses his friend Meekal to trap Amal.

Meekal burns their marriage certificate and leaves Amal with Shahmeer on the wedding night. Amal remains completely shocked when she comes to know about the bitter reality. Now Amal is married to Meekal but she does not have any proof.

Amal faces a lot of difficulties in her life due to Meekal. Initially, Meekal doesn’t care about her at all. Meekal marries her girlfriend Mashal Khan. They could not live happily due to the dominating nature of Mashal.

Amal starts a new job in Meekal’s father’s company. He gradually fells in love with Amal when he realizes how has destroyed Amal’s whole life. Now the major twist is whether Amal will forgive Meekal or she’ll take her revenge! Keep watching drama serial Dulhan to know about the upcoming twists.

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