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Emergency Pyar Turkish Drama Cast Name and Story

Emergency Pyar is a Comedy-Romantic Turkish Drama. Turkish Name of the drama Emergency Pyar is “Acil Ask Araniyor”. Emergency Pyar is a very interesting comedy-drama about the life of doctors. Let’s dig in to know about the Urdu Dubbed Turkish Drama Emergency Pyar cast real name and drama story.

Emergency Pyar Turkish Drama Cast Real Name

Turkish drama Emergency Pyar cast real name:

Duygu Yetis (Dr. Naina)
Serhat Teoman (Dr. Sinan)
Rojda Demirer (Dr. Ayla)
Tamer Tirasoglu (Dr. Bazil)
Gokhan Soylu (Dr. Murad)
Serkan Ozturk (Malik)
Sinem Ucar (Alia)
Elif Verit ()
Gozde Mukavelat ()
Serenay Aktas (Zainab)


The drama serial Emergency love has been directed by Hakan Inan and Bairs Kirimselioglu.


Emergency Love has been written by Gokhan Horzum.

Emergency Pyar turkish drana cast name

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Emergency Pyar Drama Story

The story of Turkish drama serial Emergency Pyar revolves around the life of hard-working doctors Sinan and Naina. Naina is Sinan’s assistant is the hospital. Naina lives alone and she’s Sinan’s neighbor as well. Naina is a cute, soft-hearted, and innocent girl. Sinan is a very serious and dedicated doctor.  

Initially, Sinan does not like Naina for his bit childish nature and he always used to scold her in the hospital and sometimes outside the hospital as well. But gradually, Sinan and Naina start to like each other. They hesitate to express their feelings for each other. Sinan’s sister Dr. Ayla who works in the same hospital helps Naina to realize Sinan his feelings for Naina.

Sinan and Naina are dedicated doctors and they work hard and with complete honesty. Sinan and Naina take some time but finally express their feelings for each other. Dr. Ayla likes Dr. Bazil, who is a very good friend of Sinan. Ayla and Bazil play a cardinal role in Sinan and Naina’s life to realize their true feelings for each other. Emergency Pyar is a very funny and romantic Turkish drama in Urdu dubbing. There are many interesting and funny characters in this drama. This drama depicts the hard-working and tough life of doctors.

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