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Get Gotti Netflix Cast Name, Age – 2023 Series Interviewee

Get Gotti is a 2023 Netflix documentary series. The series shows the surprising mystery behind the deeds of John Gotti. He was the head of the famous Gambino Crime Family in New York. John Gotti was the most powerful man during his time. The Get Gotti series will show the different phases of his life. Let’s have a look at the Get Gotti Netflix 2023 series Cast Name, Age and Interviewee details.

Release Date

The Mini series Get Gotti was released on 23rd October 2023 on Netflix.

Get Gotti Netflix 2023 Cast & Interviewee

Salvatore Polisi – Mobster

He was an associate of Gotti and a former Mobster. He was born on 30 April 1945. His age 78 years old.

Get Gotti Netflix Cast

Anthony Ruggiano Jr. – Mobster

Anthony was a former mobster and son of the Fat Andy Ruggiano Sr. (a High Ranked Member of the Gambino Crime Family).

Gregory Stasiuk – OCTF Special Investigator

Gregory worked as a special investigator, his task was to listen to the conversations of the crime family.

Andrea Giovino – Gotti Associate
Mary Murphy – WPIX Reporter
Eric Shawan – Fox News Reporter
Barbara Nevins Taylor – WCBS Reporter
A Kirke Bartley – State Prosecutor
Dave Swanson as EBI Special Ops
Jim Kossler – FBI Coordinating Supervisor
George Gabriel- FBI Agent
Laura A. Ward as Federal Prosecutor
Susan Kellman – Defense Attorney
Michael Shapiro as Defense Attorney
Frank O’Hara – OCTF Supervising Investigator
Fred Raynao – OCTF Chief Investigator
Daine Giacalone – DOJ Prosecutor

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