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Dear Child Netflix Story Summary & Ending Explained

Dear Child is a Netflix 2023 series based on a crime story. The story of the Dear Child series is about a missing girl Lena, a young girl Hannah, an injured girl Yasmin, and a kidnapper Lars. Let’s dig in to have a look at the Netflix series Dear Child story summary and ending explained.

Dear Child Netflix Story Summary

The story of the Dear Child Netflix series starts with an injured girl and a young girl found on a road. The injured girl says she is Yasmin Grass. But police found this case linked to a girl Lena who went missing at the age of 13 years because the girl Hannah found with Yasmin resembles Lena.

In the flashbacks of the story from the past, A lady named Lena lives in a house with two kids Hannah and Jonathan. A man whose face is not revealed initially is Hannah and Jonathan’s papa. As the story progresses, It is revealed that Lena and the kids are locked in the house.

Police officers are investigating this case. As the story progresses, the face of Hannah and Jonathan’s papa is revealed and he is Lars Roger. Lars is the head of a security company. He is a murderer and kidnapper. He has kept many women and kids hostile in a house with tight security.

Dear Child Ending Explained

At the end of the story of Dear Child, the real kidnapper, and killer Lars Roger is unveiled. Yasmin kills Lars when she finds the chance. Police also come to know the reality of Lars who was the head of the Security Company. Lena is the real mother of Hannah and Jonathan. Lena was raped by Lars and died.

Eventually, when the house where Lars kept Hannah, Jonathan, and Yasmin is searched, Lena’s body buried in the garden of the house is found. Finally, Hannah, Yasmin, and Jonathan are free to live happily together.

What happens to Lena in Dear Child?

Lena was kidnapped by Lars and was kept in tight security at a house. She was raped by Lars and got pregnant. Lena gave birth to Jonathan and Hannah when she was kept hostage by Lars. She died and Lars buried her in the garden of the house where she kept Yasmin, Hannah, and Jonathan.

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What Happens to Lars in Dear Child?

Lars kept on kidnapping the women and murdering them. But when Yasmin ran away he tried to kill her but didn’t as Hannah requested him. Eventually, Lars is killed by Yasmin Grass.

What happens to Yasmin and Hannah in Dear Child?

Yasmin and Hannah eventually get rid of Lars after this death. Yasmin lives together as a family afterward with Hannah and Jonathon freely.

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