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Who Plays Lena in Dear Child? Actress Name & Details

Dear Child is a thriller and crime Netflix series. Lena is the main character of the story Dear Child. Series fans are curious to know about the actress Who plays Lena aka Jasmin Gross in Dear Child. Let’s have a look at the actress who played Lena in Dear Child.

Who plays Lena in Dear Child Netflix Series?

Actress Kim Riedle has appeared as Lena who is actually Jasmin Grass but pretended to be Lena. She is a brilliant German actress. Her acting in Dear Child is just phenomenal.

Lena is the main character in the series Dear Child. The whole story revolves around the kidnapping of Lena. But there is also another woman Jasmin Grass who resembles Lena a lot. Kim Riedle has played the role of Lena and Jasmin Grass. Lena died many years ago due to the torture she faced. Lena’s story completely unfolds at the end of the series.

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Kim Riedle is an emerging and talented German actress. She has been part of a few movies and TV shows. Her acting skills are admirable. Dear Child series fans are in love with her brilliant performance. Tatort is the latest TV series of actress Kim Riedle.

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