Burning Body Netflix Ture Story-Based 2023 Series

Burning Body is a 2023 Netflix Spanish Crime series released in September 2023. The series has been trending on Netflix since the first day of its release. The story of Burning Body Netflix mini-series is based on a true Story. It is inspired by real events that happened in Spain in 2017.

Burning Body Netflix True Story

The story of Burning Body revolves around the love triangle between three police officers. The lead character Rosa’s husband is a police officer named Petro, he has not returned home. Rose get involved in her daughter’s custody dispute with her ex-husband Javi. She gets involved in a murder mystery and her life takes a new turn.

Burning Body Netflix True Story

The series is fully based on a true story and appreciated by the viewers. We can say that, the Buring Body series script is the best combination of thrill, action, suspense, and entertainment. The lead roles are performed by talented actors Money Heist famed actress Ursula Corbero and Jose Manuel.

Burning Body Shooting Location

The Netflix series Burning Body was shooted in the beautiful location of Barcenola.

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