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Be Adab Drama OST Lyrics – Sahir Ali Bagga

Be Adab is the 2020 drama of Hum TV. The drama story highlights the social issues faced by parents in their old age. Lead roles are performed by Momin Saqib, Hajra Yamin, and Sania Saeed. The drama story and cast both are outstanding. Be Adab drama OST lyrics are heart-touching and Sahir Ali Bagga’s voice makes this more excited.

Be Adab Drama OST Lyrics

Singer:  Sahir Ali Bagga

Composer:  Sahir Ali Bagga

Writer/Lyricist:  Imran Raza

Be Adab Drama OST Lyrics

Khuda K Baad Zameen Pe
Khiaal Rakhti Hai
Jo Maan Hai Kar Ke Duaa
Mott Taal Skti Hai
Ho Jis K Saayee Mein Rahte
Wo Khud Tu Dhoop Mein Hai
Hai Baap Jald Ki Terhaa
Roop Mein Hai

Bithaa K Kaandy Pe Jis Ne
Dikhaai Hai Dunia
Usi Ko Kahte Ho Dunia
Ka Kia Pataa Tum Ko
Wo Jis k Dil K Thy Tukrry Tum
Usi Kaa Dil Toraa
Wo Phir Bhi Tooty Huve Dil Se
Dein Dua Tum Ko
Wo Dein Dua Tum Ko

O Kamlyy…
Tu Labb ly Kul Jahaan Thy
Maan Jai ni Labni

O Kamlyy…
Baap Hai Aisi Chaaow Ve
Jo Gai Ni Labni
Maa Jai Ni Labni

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Be Adab Drama OST

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