Zhao Lusi Drama List – Recent & Best Dramas

Zhao Lusi is one the most cutest and talented Chinese actresses. Zhao Lusi has played leading character in many dramas and her fans just loved her dramas. She is famous worldwide for her amazing acting and gorgeous looks. Here we have the list of Chinese Actress Zhao Lusi drama along with her best and most recent dramas.

Zhao Lusi Drama List

The following is the list of dramas of Zhao Lusi.

Drama NameYearChannelRole
The Last Immortal2023Feng Yin
Hidden Love2023Sang Zhi
Gen Z2023Son Toutou
Love Like the Galaxy2022Cheng Shaoshang
Who Rules the World2022Feng Xiyun
The Long Ballad2021Gu Anxin
Dating in Kitchen2021Gu Shengnan
The Romance of Tiger and Rose2021Chen Xiaoqian
Love Better Than Immortality2020Chun Hua
I Hear You2019Bei Erduo
Cinderella Chef2018Liu Yiyi
Untouchable Lovers2018Ma Xueyun

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FAQs About Zhao Lusi’s Dramas

Zhao Lusi First Drama?
Untouchable Lovers is Zhao Lusi’s first drama.
Zhao Lusier Latest & New Drama in 2023?
Hidden Love is the latest drama of Zhao Lusi in 2023.
Which is the best drama of Zhao Lusi?
Love Like Galaxy is her best drama so far.

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