Who Plays Young Seo Mok Ha in Castaway Diva KDrama?

Seo Mok Ha is the main character in the Kdrama Castaway Diva. Mok Ha is an ambitious girl whose strong determination keeps her alive for 15 years alone on an Island. Drama fans are curious to know about the actress who plays the role of young Seo Mok Ha in Kdrama Castaway Diva. Let’s have a look at the actress real name, age, and her character details.

Who Plays Young Seo Mok Ha in Castaway Diva?

Real Name & Age

Actress Lee Re has appeared as young Seo Mok Ha in the Kdrama Castaway Diva. She is 17 years old Korean actress who has been part of many famous Kdramas.

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Actress Details

Lee Re has portrayed the character of young Mokha at Chunsam Island. She has performed her role brilliantly. Drama fans just loved her brilliant acting. Lee Re started her acting journey as a child actress in 2013. She has also won the award for her brilliant acting in the Kdrama Hello Me.

Mok Ha had a dream to become a singer and get rid of her father. But her journey becomes tough when she is lost on a lonely island. Eventually, she is rescued. She continues to work hard to fulfill her dream again.

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