Who Plays Roh Bin in A Killer Paradox? Actor Details

Roh Bin aka Robin (Only for Heroes) is one of the main characters in A Killer Paradox. Roh Bin who works as Only for Heroes becomes an alliance of Lee Tang. Let’s have a look at the details of the actor who plays Roh Bin aka Robin in A Killer Paradox, actor and character details.

Who Plays Roh Bin in A Killer Paradox?

Actor Name

Actor Kim Yo Han has portrayed the role of Roh Bin aka Robin in the series A Killer Paradox. He has appeared in minor supporting roles in many Korean dramas.

Actor & Character Details

Kim Yo Han has performed the character of Roh Bin brilliantly in the series. His outstanding acting and intriguing character are loved the the series series fans worldwide.

Robin is an intelligent and sharp boy who has good hacking skills in A Killer Paradox. He has a secret identity as Only for Heroes. He becomes an alliance with Lee Tang in punishing all bad people. Roh Binfinds Lee Tang and becomes his partner.

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Roh Bin who once worked with Song Chon regrets working with him and becomes Lee Tang’s partner. But at the end when Roh Bin has no choice due to Song Chon, he informs Detective Jang. He sacrifices his life to save Lee Tang and takes all the blame.  

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